Collection: Trecy Bleich Jewelry

Trecy Bleich Jewelry
Handcrafted Jewelry and Accessories
Atlanta, Georgia

“My work is inspired by my life as a young girl growing up in rural Georgia, society, culture, art and nature. Crafting by hand conjures a personal connection and evokes empowerment and encouraging messages in each piece.”

Trecy Bleich Jewelry features pieces designed and handcrafted by artist Trecy Bleich using cold metal connection and handbeaded techniques. Trecy fell in love with modern aesthetics while working in the European kitchen and bath industry, where she was exposed to modern designers unbeknownst to her having grown up in rural Georgia. She began making jewelry 10 years ago to pay homage to her mom and the style she wore. Over the years, Trecy has built a catalog of jewelry designs that attract those who seek individuality and artistic detail. By using creative color blocking and layered textures, Trecy’s designs reflect a minimal, abstract aesthetic and have been featured in several online publications, including ELLE and Oprah Daily. Learn more at

Instagram: trecybleichjewelry



Additional designs may be available in person at the Guthrie Store. For more information or to purchase directly, contact us at or 612.225.6300.