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Papercuts: A Party Game for the Rude and Well-Read

Papercuts: A Party Game for the Rude and Well-Read

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Show off your page-turning prowess and bust out your best book-themed jokes with this raucous party game full of literary laughs from the wordsmiths at the indie nonprofit Electric Literature.

Papercuts is what Kurt Vonnegut, James Baldwin and Virginia Woolf would play if they were alive, locked in a room together and forced to play a card game. This party game for bibliophiles and pop culture fanatics follows an intuitive and popular game format, similar to Apples to Apples: the dealer lays down a question card and each player must fill in the blank with one of the five answer cards in their hand. What ensues is an endless loop of hilarious literary jokes and gut-busting gameplay.

This edition of Electric Literature's game boasts 100 question cards and 200 answer cards in a luxe, portable package. Toss it in a tote or bring it to your next party for countless chapters of enjoyment. 

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