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No Money Fun! Activity Cards for Families

No Money Fun! Activity Cards for Families

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Cards to inspire new activities that will bond your family and won’t break the bank. From blanket forts to paper airplane contests, to homemade popsicles, pick one of these 50+ cards and spend some family time together! Printed in the U.S.A.

About Papersalt
Papersalt from Seattle, Washington, creates gifts to inspire, empower and educate kids and families. Their products are designed to engage through the combination of attractive graphics and simplified content.

From Papersalt: "Building and nurturing your family is the hardest thing you’ll do. With so much media in front of us, we realize that simple, memorable, engaging content is extremely effective. At our best as parents and family members, we still always need help. That’s why we started Papersalt."

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