Collection: Trovelore


Handmade Jewelry
Delhi, India and Arizona

“Our inspiration is always nature. Threaded with a variety of different materials, our sculptural brooches are an emotional expression of the beauty in nature. We only make-to-order in small batches. We hope that if the world consumes less, it will care more. Our process is low on waste. We choose to be slow, small and unique!”

Trovelore is an embroidery atelier that offers a modern interpretation of the exquisite needlework techniques that have been perfected over generations. Based out of Delhi and Arizona, founders and sisters Dhruti and Seema design, distribute and head this women-owned venture. With a natural inclination and passion towards the use of premium materials, good design and quality work, they instill the same passion at every stage of the journey.

Instagram: @trovelore