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Tashia Hart

Tashia Hart
Author, Illustrator and Jewelry Designer
Walker, Minnesota

“The land and people residing in Minnesota inspire me most. Also my relatives who make/made regalia, beaded clubs and quill earrings. My dreams. And the joy that art brings to others.”

Tashia Hart (Red Lake Anishinaabe) grew up in the wilds of Minnesota. She loves animals, writing, drawing, plants and cooking. Her latest book for young readers, Gidjie and the Wolves, is a combination of the things she loves and the recipient of the 2020 Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards Gold Medal. She writes essays and recipes about wild foods for various organizations and tribal programs. Her beading and jewelry-making journey began 32 years ago, and she is always in the studio creating new designs. Tashia believes Indigenous people should control how their stories and likenesses are portrayed, so she has recently started the independent publishing company (Not) Too Far Removed Press, which is on a mission to get stories and worldviews typically not published by big publishers to the people they represent. Learn more at

Facebook: tashia.hart Twitter: tashiahartbooks