Collection: Tactile Craftworks / Sarah Heck and Anna Warren

Tactile Craftworks

Tactile Craftworks / Sarah Heck and Anna Warren
Handcrafted Leather Goods
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“Our work is inspired by the idea of place and our emotional responses to home and travel. We take pride in using modern technologies to enhance our traditional skills. We value quality, heritage, history and longevity, all while working to decrease the disposable and give story to the ordinary.”

Tactile Craftworks is a woman-owned and woman-operated leather crafting company based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Founded in 2014 by Sarah Heck and Anna Warren, the duo has been collaborating on handcrafted projects since meeting in a theater prop shop in 2008. They wanted to continue their shared aesthetic with a new project, so they began selling leather goods at farmers markets and local fairs. After making the transition to wholesale in 2016, they now partner with more than 200 retailers nationwide and continue to craft each piece by hand, striving to make items that are durable to use, beautiful to look at and satisfying to hold. Learn more at

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