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Spoon & Theory Handmade

Spoon & Theory Handmade
Handmade Jewelry and Aromatherapy
Minneapolis, Minnesota

“Our journey began as a way to heal after a major car accident by creating a safe space that allowed us to evolve into another creative outlet. Hearing customer stories about how our products affect them makes our work feel significant.”

Spoon & Theory Handmade is a women-owned, locally made creative shop known for its Minnesota stud earrings. Using 20% upcycled materials, they make textured statement jewelry without the weight, from vibrant leather earrings to hand-painted, laser-cut wood earrings. They also make aromatherapy products, including oil diffuser earrings and room mists. They’ve built partnerships with Rondo Community Artists and the Minnesota Museum of American Art, and they’ve been featured on Fox 9’s Small Business Spotlight, Mill City News and In addition to selling online and in select stores, you can find their goods at local art shows and community craft markets around the Twin Cities. Learn more at