Collection: RETHINK / Kristen McCoy

RETHINK / Kristen McCoy
Fashion Designer and Tailor
Minneapolis, Minnesota

“I am deeply driven to give throwaway pieces their second chances to honor the human and environmental costs that went into making them and to inspire others by showing what’s possible.”

Kristen McCoy is a fashion activist, textile artist and clothing designer on a mission to prove that damaged garments and scraps can be reborn. She creates wearable art out of what others have deemed to be garbage. All RETHINK designs are harvested from damaged garments collected from the community, secondhand materials and/or deadstock fabrics, and they are sewn at the RETHINK studio. Check out the earrings featured in the Guthrie Store that were created from History Plays costumes. Learn more at

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Additional designs may be available in person at the Guthrie Store. For more information or to purchase directly, contact us at or 612.225.6300.