Collection: Penny Larsen Studio

Penny Larsen Studio
Jewelry Designer
Circle Pines, Minnesota

“In every culture, jewelry represents emotional connection. This is a central value in my work: honoring the power we imbue objects with to mark our own journeys through life, and creating work worthy of those journeys.”

Penny Larsen Munson is a silversmith, jewelry designer and metal fabricator. For over 25 years, she has successfully designed, fabricated and sold jewelry in Minnesota as well as other markets around the country. Her early work was influenced by her travels through Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and India, where she observed the unique and various ways people adorn themselves. Penny is most inspired by form, surface, texture, the Japanese aesthetic wabi-sabi and the unpredictable beauty of nature. Learn more at

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Additional designs may be available in person at the Guthrie Store. For more information or to purchase directly, contact us at or 612.225.6300.