Collection: Ink ‘N Flower / InKyung “Sophie” Yang

Ink ‘N Flower / InKyung “Sophie” Yang
Floral and Botanical Art Studio
Columbia Heights, Minnesota

“I’m passionate about creating art that shapes our desires toward nature.”

The story of Ink ‘N Flower began when florist InKyung “Sophie” Yang fell in love and moved across the Pacific from South Korea to Minnesota to be with her now-husband. She is an established florist with 20 years of experience who is well-versed in many styles ranging from Ikebana to European Classic to European Modern to French Natural. After the initial shock of the harsh Minnesota winters, Yang fell in love with the state’s budding prairie grasses and wildflowers. Mesmerized by the resilient beauty of these native plants, she adopted them into her accomplished French Natural style to create her own Minnesota-inspired Wildflower style. Ink ‘N Flower offers a range of artful objects that shape our spaces and lifestyle, are inspired by the prairies of Minnesota and made with love. Learn more at

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