Collection: Iconic Quilling / Aaron Furuseth and Anh Nguyen

Iconic Quilling

Iconic Quilling / Aaron Furuseth and Anh Nguyen
Quilled Greeting Cards
Minneapolis, Minnesota

“Our work is inspired by our shared love of nature, and we hope it brings color and joy to your life!”

Iconic Quilling is a small, Minneapolis-based business owned by Aaron Furuseth and Anh Nguyen. Their projects begin with Anh creating colored-pencil drawings and gluing rolled strips of paper over them — a creative process called quilling that originated in Italy in the 1300s when artists would use the quill of a bird feather to wrap thin strips of paper into floral shapes. Anh then partners with her artist friend, Nhu, who is based in their native Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, to hire and train the talented women who create the cards and perfect the art. These artisans work from home to roll strips of paper by hand to create Anh’s unique designs. Learn more at

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