Collection: CM Handweaving / Cathy Meyer

CM Handweaving / Cathy Meyer
Crocheted Baskets
Gem Lake, Minnesota

“I love creating baskets and hearing how people enjoy using them in their homes.”

Cathy Meyer of CM Handweaving creates handmade crocheted baskets of all sizes, wine cozies and cat beds. She uses all different kinds of yarns, including macrame yarn, to create her one-of-a-kind, multiuse baskets. You can find her at art shows throughout the year in Minnesota, and she sells her baskets at the market at Churchill St. restaurant in Shoreview, Minnesota.

Instagram: cmhandweavingbaskets



This collection is only available in person at the Guthrie Store. Not available online. For more information or to purchase directly, contact us at or 612.225.6300. 

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