Collection: Beauty Before Me Studio / Carolyn L. Anderson

Beauty Before Me Studio / Carolyn L. Anderson
Handcrafted Jewelry and Accessories
Minneapolis, Minnesota

“I am inspired by other artists, their stories and the imaginative things they create. With practice and patience, it is astounding what people can accomplish.”

Carolyn L. Anderson is an enrolled member of the Navajo Nation and resident of Minneapolis, Minnesota. She studied studio arts at the University of Minnesota and has exhibited her paintings and mixed media works across the Twin Cities. In 2014, she became a buyer for Birchbark Books and Native Arts where she supported local craftspeople and artisans. This inspired her to start beadworking in 2020 and selling her handcrafted earrings online. Carolyn’s meticulous work is often inspired by Navajo textiles and weavers, and the jewelry she creates is inspired by the unusual beauty found in the arrangement of shapes and the interplay of colors, texture and light.

Instagram: beautybeforemestudio



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