Collection: Art By Aleisha / Aleisha Nelson

Art By Aleisha / Aleisha Nelson
Cartography Artist
San Francisco, California

“Our goal isn’t just to make art. It’s to fill your walls with reminders of your most treasured memories.”

Aleisha Nelson is the software-coding, map-drawing, Minnesota-raised, San Francisco-based owner and founder of Art By Aleisha. Inspired by a life-changing trip to Cape Town, South Africa, Aleisha set out to launch a one-of-a-kind art and design studio where she could mix her love for art and travel and storytelling. Today, Aleisha is an artist, designer, cartographer and entrepreneur who uses art as a way to explore and express all the wonders and stories that hide in the corners of our world — and she creates pieces that help others do the same. Learn more at

Instagram: artbyaleisha Facebook: Art By Aleisha