Collection: Adrienne Zimiga-January

Adrienne Zimiga-January
Graphic Designer
Saint Paul, Minnesota

“Many things inspire me as an artist: nature, culture, history, beauty, music, movement and other artists. Sometimes the most beautiful things can emerge from the smallest ideas or influences.”

Adrienne Zimiga-January (Oglala Lakota Sioux Tribe) is a Saint Paul-based creative director and graphic designer with over 20 years of design experience. She has helped build brand identities and promotional materials for small businesses as well as well-rounded advertising campaigns for corporate companies. With a wide creative background, she enjoys flexing her skills in many different arenas, including theater arts, and she has been involved in theater both on and off the stage for over a decade. As a member of the Guthrie Theater’s Native Advisory Council, she advises the theater on a variety of projects and initiatives that help support the visibility and access of Native people.

Instagram: adrienne.zimiga Facebook: adrienne.zimiga

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