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Sock Affairs Art Collection – Cancel My Subscription Socks

Sock Affairs Art Collection – Cancel My Subscription Socks

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Crafted with comfort in mind, these exclusive socks featuring Tsukioka Yoshitoshi's iconic woodcut "I Want to Cancel My Subscription" are perfect for lovers of art and Japanese culture alike. Born in the city of Edo (Tokyo), Yoshitoshi aimed to preserve traditional culture through his prints, glorifying mythology, literature, history, warrior culture and woodblock printing tradition, in retaliation to the violent transition to modernism.

So, don't settle for ordinary socks — experience the "purr-fect" fit of Yoshitoshi-inspired socks and celebrate Japan's cultural heritage one step at a time.

80% combed cotton
17% polyamide
3% elastane

Medium: Men's shoe: 4.5-7.5; Women's shoe: 6-9.5
Large: Men's shoe: 8-12; Women's shoe: 10-12.5

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