Guthrie Theater: The First Fifty Years

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Essays selected and compiled by Polly Grose

A half century ago, the renowned Irish director Tyrone Guthrie founded his American theater in Minneapolis to introduce a theatrical center far from Broadway's commercial priorities. This singular mission included establishing a repertory company to perform fresh interpretations of the classics, promotion of new work and offering training for young actors and artists.

Fifty years later we celebrate the Guthrie and ask: Has the theater fulfilled Sir Tyrone's promise, and how does it intend to embrace the future?

Within these pages are essays from major figures in all theater disciplines whose talent and work are the true fabric of the Guthrie, along with essays from community leaders and patrons who have contributed to and served the theater through its history. Each writer contributes candid, no-holds-barred opinions on the Guthrie and its history, and Polly introduces each piece with an introduction based on her intimate and affectionate knowledge of the theater and its workings. The result is a loving and insightful portrait of a half-century in the life of a major and vital cultural treasure.